A slow forum means a lot of things. According to Google, speed is a factor in SEO, and a slow forum means your ranking in the search engines is lower, so less people find your site. It means that those who do find your site are quicker to leave and don't spend as much time looking around. It means less of those visitors become members, and it means that the ones that do become members (including your current members) waste their precious time looking at slow loading pages, instead of contributing to your forums. Since fewer people are spending less time on your forums, you lose out on growth, and revenue.

Page speed is a big deal. A study conducted by Amazon revealed that a mere 100ms (1/10 of a second) load time increase caused them to lose 1% in sales. Google found that taking 500ms (half a second) longer to show their results, resulted in 20% less traffic for them! While your forum may not be selling something (or maybe it is - this also applies to advertising!) the same principles apply for all forms of online interaction. A slow forum means that there is less of everything for your forums, and for you.

Unless you have had your forum speed professionally optimized, you are losing out on visitors, posts, and revenue. We can help optimize the speed of your forum for you, and we'll do it right, so you get and keep more members, so that those members are happier with a quick loading forum, and post more - all of which means a bigger community, more income, and a better experience for your members.

Due to the importance of speed, it's one of the things that we focus on time and again - often as one of the first matters of business - in getting forums to be more appealing to their members, and getting more members in the gate. Nobody likes a slow loading site, after all. Our Speed Optimization services focus on making the forum itself faster, from the inside out, and from the outside in. From undetectable changes in the design, to optimizing plugins, configurations, and even the forum code itself, we offer varying depths of optimization that are sure to make any forum faster. When combined with our forum hosting services, we cover the gamut of forum speed improvements.

It's a difference you and your members (and members to be) will notice. They'll be happy that they don't have to wait, and you'll be happy that they'll become more active because of it.

Contact us today to get a faster forum!