Of Forums

Setting your forum up is the first step in getting your forum out there in the world. You want to make sure it's done right, so you get the best start possible. At ForumExcellence, we have years of experience installing and developing forums, and we use our experience in developing forums to improve the way we install them. Not all installations are performed equally, and with our experience, you know you'll get it done the right way, so problems that can stem from the core setup, get prevented. Taking it another step further, our professional forum settings configuration optimizes your forum for practical use, so that your forum is ready and comfortable for those who come. This configuration can be done at any stage of a forum's life, and for best results, as close to its installation as possible.

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Of Addons/Mods

Addons (also called Modifications, Mods, Products, and Plugins) are an important part of customizing your forum to suit the interests of your members (and potential members!). They add new and useful features, or modify existing ones, to improve user experience. Effectively, an addon is a pre-made customization for your forum, and a forum without addons will quickly fall behind the competition.

Addons are available for free from (depending on the forum software): the official modifications forum/directory, third party addon databases, and several other independent addon creators, which offer both free and paid addons.

Whether you already know which addons you want to use, want recommendations for which addons you can start with today that would suit your forum (available in the next option), or want to make sure you have us securely on-call for whenever you do decide to add an addon, the ForumExcellence addon installation/configuration services give you the peace of mind knowing that everything will be setup right.

In addition to installation, have the addons on your forum optimally configured for performance, usability, and security. Big or small - free, paid, or custom - we will configure any addon so you can get the most from it, without worry, in the way most relevant to your forum.

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Of Themes

Picking a theme (also called skin/template/style/design) is an important part of customizing your forum. Without one, you are easily lost amongst the sea of forums that float around on the internet. A theme gives your forum it's own look, which plays an important part in both setting it apart from your competitors, and creating your own unique atmosphere. The most cost-effective way to get your own theme to pick a pre-made theme, either free or paid.

Through our forum design services, we can then personalize your pre-made theme to give it a character unique to your forum. Alternatively, we can design a custom theme just for you, including making your forum fit the design of the rest of your site.

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