"Conversion" is an every day, yet very important term in marketing. It describes when a person does something which brings them from where they were, to where you want them to be, including if it's just one step closer. Since the core principle of forums is ongoing interaction, one of the great paradoxes in the world of online communities is that forums are the online format with the most points of conversion, yet they are amongst the most poorly optimized groups of software when it comes to conversion.

The Forum Activity & Promotion services by ForumExcellence is a complete implementation of bespoke marketing and administration strategies designed to increase the 6 main conversion points of communities (each of which have their own set of conversion sub-points):

• Getting more visitors
• Turning more visitors into members
• Turning more members into active members
• Getting already active members to contribute more
• Getting members and visitors to share your forums more
• If applicable, getting members and visitors to generate income (by clicking ads without telling them to, purchasing what you have to sell, and more) which we optimize through our Forum Monetization services.

Forums require a potential visitor to go through many hoops (i.e. convert many times) to become an active member in your community on an ongoing basic, yet do you know how you are optimizing each step of the process to make it as easy - and rewarding - as possible for them?

You may think "but, these are things that members do of their own volition". Sure, no forum owner is physically standing beside each of their members forcing them to register, make posts, or click ads, and every forum has some degree of success by virtue of people jumping over hurdles to learn how to use the forums, but imagine turbo charging what drives them to do all the things it takes to be an active member of your forum, and eliminating what stops them: removing those hurdles, and building nice, attractive sign posts that get - and keep - them engaged more often, and for the long term.

Did you know that the default systems used by your forum are actually hurting each of these conversion points out of the box, and unintentionally losing you people at each stage of the process? That's because for a very long time, forum softwares have followed a similar design principle and format, with generally, the same ineffective vanilla presentation of the same pages and buttons, in the same way, for years and years. Even newer forum softwares employ these same design principles and page structures. To add to that, most themes on sale today simply adhere to these same arbitrary (and detrimental) structures, and only mask them with slightly different colors and shapes. These ways of handling member conversion, from the moment a visitor reaches your page, to when they become an active member, are outdated, and even from the start, were not created with a goal of increasing activity.

The good news though, is that this means there is a lot of room for improvement. A forum that has been properly optimized for converting visitors to active, long-term (and revenue generating) members will be leaps and bounds ahead of it's competition, and will see growth in all areas from registration to revenue.

Using cutting edge marketing techniques and design innovation based on tried and tested principles of behavioral science and years of behavioral analysis of forum users, as well as targeted research into your audience, our individualized approach optimizes each phase your members will go through, to boost the number of people at each conversion point. Your forums become more intuitive to use, and your member are seamlessly guided along a path you want them to take, that makes sure they feel welcome and at home, and know what to do next, every step of the way.

This brings more people in the door, and makes it easier for them to get and stay active and coming back regularly, for a long time to come.

Take advantage of our over 10 years of experience administrating, marketing, monetizing, and customizing forums to get a more active forum!

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