Mobile App Customization

Having a Mobile App is your ticket to increased member participation, improved brand image, and greater audience reach. It opens up your forum so your members can easily post anywhere they are, puts your forum on a higher level compared to your competition (or levels the playing field if they've already got an app), and lets people with mobile devices (which is pretty much everybody) more easily find your forum - even people who weren't necessary looking for your forum, but are interested in the subject matter.

Normally, Mobile Apps cost thousands upon thousands of dollars for development, but there are already pre-made options for vBulletin available. You can save thousands on development and get an excellent mobile forum experience by getting a Mobile App customized by ForumExcellence.

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Mobile App Upgrading

If you have Tapatalk BYO Enterprise, vBulletin Mobile Suite, or WordApp (for bbPress), it is important to stay on top of updates. Older versions of the app may not be compatible with the newest devices, and may have bugs and security holes - certainly, they will have less features. We've all seen reviews on the App Store where disgruntled users find a bug and rate the App 1 star. Those 1 star reviews can't be taken back, and the last thing you want is a lower rating on the App Store, because that means less people find your App.

Upgrading your Mobile App enables you to have access to the newest features, the widest range of device compatibility, and the critical security updates available from the vendor.

ForumExcellence fully supports vendor-supplied App upgrades from Tapatalk, vBulletin, and WordApp.

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