Forums are unique, not only in their focus and the many faces that make up the community, but also in their hosting needs. While many bare-bones low-cost hosts will support the majority of popular forum softwares, since forums are designed to have their "minimum requirements" easily met, they leave a lot on the table in terms of speed. A host that meets your forum's "minimum requirements", can be very very far from its ideal environment.

A slow forum suffers from reduced registration rates, worse traffic (both due to bounces and lower SEO position), and reduced member activity. In the latter case, it's not only a matter of members being potentially frustrated at slow page load times and leaving prematurely, but even simply that if a member has 30 minutes to spend on your forum, and they can only load half the pages they would compared to an optimized forum, they will physically be able to participate less.

In addition to optimizing the forum itself, a fast host - one that optimizes their hosting especially for forums, and uses top-of-the-line hardware - is essential to a faster forum. Remember, not every member is in the same location as you, and even if your forum is targetted at a specific geographic region, not everybody has the same internet connection as you - neither in their home, nor on their phones, which is how an increasing number of people are viewing forums. Even if your forum loads "fine" for you, it may be loading slow for a large portion of your visitors, and it could probably load a lot faster for you as well.

We provide speed-focused, fullly-featured forum hosting which we custom tailor for you, based on the unique characteristics of your forum, including its activity levels (traffic), the location of the majority of your visitors/members, the forum software you use and plugins/addons (including any special requirements they may have), and more. Our hosting is fully supported, and fully compatible with non-forum scripts and software (e.g. WordPress). In fact, often times, other softwares will be faster due to our speed optimizations, even if we don't specifically optimize for them - though we regularly optimize servers and sites for popular software such as WordPress.

Our bespoke approach allows us to provide you with the resources your forum needs to perform optimally, as well as to have room to grow. Each of our servers is custom optimized for one specific forum software - meaning a XenForo forum will never go on a vBulletin server - and hosting packages consisting of entire servers/VPS's, are further optimized for your specific forum. ForumExcellence hosting clients also have the option to use our ForumCDN, which keeps current versions of some of your site's heaviest files, in high-speed locations all over the world, so they can be loaded faster - beyond what any one (or small group of) servers can do - for your visitors and members anywhere in the world.

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