A good looking forum helps encourage registration and member activity, with the intrinsic benefit of improving the image of your forum. A bad looking forum drives people away, gives off the impression of a short-lived site, and worsens the experience for all those who use it.

The question is: how do you know which one your forum is?

Most forum owners make changes to their design, everything from adding a flashing NEW icon for new threads, to installing multiple skins, based on what they want to see, instead of based on what will keep their members happy & coming back. However, it doesn't have to be a battle between what the members want and what you want. Getting the help of design & branding experts gives you the advantage in delivering the look your members will respond to, and that you'll love.

What's most effective in design varies largely from forum to forum, and from the new forum starting out looking for minor tweaks, to the well established forum completely redesigning their style, CustomizeForums can help.

Design services we offer include:

  • Pre-made Style Recommendations: Whether you're starting out, on a budget, or just looking to have a good style to use as a base point for further customization, we can recommend the one that will best suit your forum's branding.
  • Style Customization: From minor tweaks to in depth design work, we can customize any part of your existing style. Want ideas? We can improve on your current style to meet your vision, that will have your members thrilled!
  • Fully Custom Styles: If you want something from the ground up, we can create it! We work to get your vision onto the screen, or if you aren't too clear on what you want, we will use our branding expertise and keen eye for aesthetics to help develop a style that fits your brand perfectly!
  • Style Speed Optimization: Optimizing the load time of styles is something we focus on heavily. We offer this service as part of our Speed Optimization services to improve the speed of whatever your forum is currently using, and make sure that absolutely everything we create is optimized to load quickly, always!
  • • And more!

Contact us today to get a better looking forum!