Everybody is familiar with spam. Long ago, our emails were plagued with it, until companies like Google began researching ways to keep it as far away from your eyes as possible. Unfortunately, forum technology has not yet caught up, and spam continues to be a serious problem for many forums today. Left unprotected, your forum could be decimated in a matter of hours by hundreds of thousands of spam accounts, posts, and threads. Forum spam completely disturbs an active forum - it becomes harder for members to find threads to participate in (even by searching), new threads get lost in the potentially heavy onslaught of gibberish and unwelcome advertising, and in really bad attacks, members feel violated as their PMs are filled with ads. Then, there's the effect of the first thing all your new visitors see being ads about fake pills and fake watches. Spam can literally cause a forum to seize up.

Welcome to the first and last step to having a permanently spam-free forum! Our Anti-Spam solution stops forum spam completely, taking care of 99.9% of spam, before it happens. You're protected from 100% of all fully automated spam attacks, and manual spammers (yes, there are people who sit on their computers and manually make spam posts one by one) are so heavily deterred that they give up most of the time - and the ones that are hellbent are so few and far between that their spam will stick out like a sore thumb, making clean up a breeze.

Contact us today to clean up and protect against forum spam!