You hold the keys to your forum's data. We can help keep it that way.

Security for your forum is critical. Years of hard work building a community can literally be wiped away in a matter of seconds once a hacker gets on the inside. If you don't have proper protections in place, it makes it all that much easier for hackers to get in and wreak havoc, and if you don't have a backup strategy in place, the havoc they wreak may be permanent and irreversible. Months or years of hard work, gone forever.

The ForumExcellence Security offerings protect you against would-be hackers by beefing up the security of your forums and server (if you have a VPS/Dedicated Server), and put in place a backup strategy so that even if somebody malicious does get in (eg. if your webhost gets hacked, or one of your staff members goes rogue), the damage is minimal, and can be easily reversed.

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